Tuesday, 2 June 2009

teenage takeover

pc refinery29
zippora seven in NO magazine and euphrasie villalard in dirty glam magazine.
really love this editorial of zippora seven, it ,made me wear lilac lipstick. love the leopad print jumper and the criss cross jeans. so rad. oh and its photographed by karen of the kills.
so im back. gonna try and keep up with the posting now that uni is over. [thanks guys for the sweet messages on my last post]. got my show next week and then dont know whats gonna happen. its wierd after studying for such a loooong time knowing that now its over and i have to head of into real life, and im no stranger to hard work [believe me my university life was not like those depicted in films and tv where its all day drinking and sleeping in, no no a fashion degree=full time hard work, no days off, no drinking, no hanging out] but not being a student will be odd.
anyways i will try to post some pictures of my work aswel as some outfit posts.


  1. Ugh! Zippora! Gosh she is so lovely. The blogosphere is drooling over her and I can completely see why. Her face is maturing so nicely as she gets older xx

  2. oh wow! These photos are so gorgeous,
    good luck for your show!

  3. love love love love love

  4. nice post! love your blog!