Saturday, 29 August 2009


pc cobrasnake

52 days and i get on the plane to AUSTRALIA. so freaking and my boyf booked one way flights, got my visa. sorted. now need to find work,apartment etc.we land in Brisbane 21st at just gone midnight gonna hang out in Brisbane for few days so if anyone knows any good cheap hotels (not a hostel after 24hr flight wanna have my own shower!) or where in Brisbane we should check out. After that who knows where we'll go......... any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

this ones for you lion man

pc from top Danielle Scutt SS08 collection (amazing collection i still want it all), Christopher Kane (available net-a-porter), Christopher Kane for Topshop, Me in Zara.

Have a thing for animal print, whether its the face of a gorilla, a tiger or indeed leopard print. I'm not sure when this obsession started but over the years it has never died. Was mega excited when i saw that Kane was doing another collection for Topshop..even more so when i saw this t dress a cheaper version of the infamous gorilla stuff. but whilst waiting looking for a starbucks the other day i stumbled into Zara and nearly keeled over when i saw this tiger face tee, it's digitally printed which i know first hand can be mega bucks (although i guess a huge chain like zara have their own machinery), when i looked at the tag and saw £16 i freaked! It now belongs to me, and I have to say Zara has been kicking ass recently, i got some snakeskin print pants in the sale (which i need to take in cos not quite skinny in the leg enough for me-no one likes a baggy knee) and seen some killer on trend pieces. In the words of cher in clueless 'I don't trust mirrors' so am always snapping away in changing rooms (dunno what i would do without a camera phone) I had planned to take some better photos to post but not been feeling well this week so haven't got round to it, and wanted to share my find with you guys before the tiger tee's all sell out. If your not familiar with Danielle Scutt you should seriously check out her shit, the SS08 collection is one of my all time favourites, each piece is wearable whilst still being unique. I bought a Tshirt dress about a year or so ago from her collaboration with Topshop which has a snake printed on it. ( I also bought a silk top with zebras all over it from Topshops collab with Emma Cook!!!)

Monday, 24 August 2009

animal instinct

trainer wedges kate kuba, black slip m&s, leopard print sheer shirt charity shop, vintage bangle

i find that however bulging my closet may be i get always go back to the same basics, and have my safety outfits when i cant decide what to wear. I bought this shirt recently for £4 in a cancer research store and teamed it with my favourite black slip, and it's fast becoming a regular on the outfit rotations; i guess it doesn't help that my boyf lives about an hour and a half on the train from me so I am constantly living out a large bag, with half my clothes overtaking his room and half in mine.

How awesome is this zebra wall?!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

cuffed off

pc litter sf, fashion toast, stylecaster

i wear a silver earcuff everyday, but have been searching for bigger earcuff for quite a while, i have found some amazing ones that connect to a piercing in the lobe but im actually allergic to earrings (the traditional ones that go through pierced ears) so i will continue my search. but heres to all you earring makers please make some amazing aer cuffs with the chains and shit but that don't require pierced ears. eternally grateful. or if any of you know what im looking for hit me up. in such a bad mood right now.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

i have a preference

clothes american apparel (since the first aa store opened in london years back i have been addicted to the comfy staples) rings gifts from the bf or market purchases, the silver with turq and red jasper in my left hand was the present my boyf bought me for our anniversary its from the mexican vintage. i adore it. the skull necklace was a gift from my friends boyfriend- he's a jewelerry designer find his stuff here the other is vintage.

yesterday's weather was freaking awesome. it was hottttttttttttttttttt, perfect summer dayspent with one of best friends in the whole world jessica drinking frappachino's in the park and then onto beer and chocolate int the evening. London doesn't always have that great weather, i'm such a sun baby so one day i plan to live near the beach in the sunshine. i always bought my friend loza a skirt for her birthday, its a little floral number that i really wanted to keep for myself!!!

dunno what the fuck is up with my slr camera its never used to be grainey like this, have no clue what i have done to it but if anyone has a clue please let me know its making me super sad.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

nothing could make me love you more

vintage black crochet dress, ebay backpack, faith wedges, black slip m&s, vintage necklace, rings markets/ gifts.

this was from mine and my boyfriends trip down to the coast, it was beautiful and magical and i got bought the most amazing ring ever. At 5:30am every morning we got woken up by the dust carts, once by the fire alarm..but it was 11am so i guess we deserved to be woken up at that time! I kept glowing white in the photos so my bf took the flash off which consequently made the photos blurry but i kinda dig that.

Monday, 17 August 2009

one hundered and seventy

white top I made, cardigan gap body, wedges faith, tights pretty polly

i saw these wedges in the sale and i resisted, but then couldn't stop thinking about them consequently went crazy searching for them in my size, but was definitely worth the the headache cos i have barely taken them off since.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

i think i love her

My favourite gossip girl. i have a major girl crush on jessica szohr, she is so beautiful and has wicked style. She's always looks super comfy in her clothes but still wears awesome shit. and her boyfriend is HOT.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

in search of...

check out insearchoflittlesadie and her designs label miss t her blog is killer hot
my boyf whisked me away for a few days down to the coast to celebrate our 5years, tomo i will post some snaps. much love.
not sure why my previous post wouldnt work, it might be because i keep blogging at work and i guess that aint allowed!ha. punishment.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


you have probably seen this on knighttcat but i couldnt help posting it- shes so hotttt its unreal.
I'm on a late shift tonight so working till 9pm, i have to stand up all day and my feet ache. argh.