Thursday, 25 June 2009

i <3 beverly hills

wildfox summer styles.

dang i want it all. wildfox keeps doing really awesome lookbooks.

i love summer. i love summer clothes. i love the sunshine. i love the beach.

Last summer i went to southern california and fell in love with the place. i love the beach life and the whole vibe when you live near the ocean. It's def where i see myself living one day [soon]. This year me and my boyf wanna travel to aus and nz. [thanks you guys who gave me advise on my earlier post, looked up all those awesome places-really has helped more than you know.]


  1. I have fallen in love with wildfox and am seriously resisting purchasing a bunch of their tops! How cute are they!!

    Wooo where in aus do you want to go??
    I am moving back there in 10 weeks!! xx

  2. wow, love this post! so super cute! yes I love living in NZ, unlimited access to Stolen Girlfriends Club!
    love the blog

  3. Love your blog!
    you find the most amazing pictures :)

  4. those are def. summer looks !

    we really appreciate you stopping by our blog we love every comment makes us smile : )

  5. foxy wildfox-tees..
    thanx for visiting my blog.. Really like yours...

  6. fantastic pics on your blog
    always find inspiring images
    keep it up babe! xxxx

  7. man these amazing photos make me die for summer

  8. I want that beachbum sweatshirt!!!!