Sunday, 17 May 2009

re-living teen angst

Sorry for the lack of post im in the midst of my final collection for my degree [...just 1 and a 1/2 weeks left!!!!] so super busy.

today im gonna watch my so called life all day whilst i hand sew bundles of chains onto my collection! hopefully i wont get too sidetracked by jared leto's utter gorgeousness [i am already thinking about him] or by the rad clothing.

soon i will be back to civilisation and blogosphere. soon i promise.

also to those who read my last post...the news is coming soon!!!!!


  1. omgod this post is soooooo timely!! last night all i wanted to do was watch My So Called Life!! and i dont own it! but im almost positive this post is gonna get my out to buy it today! lol!

    ADORE Jared Leto!! he's sooo freaking dreamy!

    I worked with someone who looks exactly like him! Had the B I G G E S T crush on that guy....but he turned out to be not my dream guy at all- apart from his looks lol!


  2. wohoo for the 90's!


  3. oh man, i was always infront of tv when jared was on it.