Friday, 22 May 2009

fuck you/love you

so im totally obsessed with LITTER SF right now. such rad stuff.

as ive said in previous posts i'm in the throws of my graduate collection. been such a tough/busy/exhausting/wonderful experience. my final deadline is tuesday.
yesterday we had show selection day, where some fashion insiders came to our university to decide who would be featured in our university of westminster show which is part of graduate fashion week here in london. im pleased to say i got in [and so did my close friends including anna of rings-on-her-fingers blog] so if anyones in london on 8th june come to show at 5:30pm [get tickets/info here]

also i may have some totally amazing news to share soon. [i still haven't shared the news from an earlier post-but i will soon]


  1. yay me! and you and everyone. today im super excited. yayayyaaaay x

  2. wow what awesome shoe! congrats on getting into the fashion show! you will def have to post pictures


  3. Those shoes are amazing..I love them!!!