Thursday, 16 July 2009

the naked truth

pc vogue germany via refinery29

okay so i suck at blogging lately. i kinda have an excuse in that my whole internet time has been taken up on ebay, not buying but selling....literally adding stuff every other day as i rummage through my bags of vintage.

I also have some big decisions to make...i been offered a place on a MA fashion course and i just cant decide what to do.

ANYWAY i hope you can forgive me for being an absentee blogger and marvel and the naked beauty of this editorial.


  1. i like the way this has been shot, with so many shoots referring to nudity as of late its become a little repetitive for my liking, but this is a refreshing and elegant take!

    still loving the blog despite the lack of posts :)


  2. am i wrong to think her breasts are amazing ?
    im sorry but they are out there i cant pay attention to what shes wearing :(

  3. Vogue Germany has the fiercest editorials.